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Experience seamless virtual editing with Edithaven's advanced technology, offering real-time collaboration, sub-second latency, and remote post-production capabilities. Elevate your workflow with Virtual Edit Suites and make remote editing a breeze

EditHaven Features

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Live! No Delay

Milliseconds delay delivered from your timeline to the viewer (sub-second latency)

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Customizable Room

Easily customize your room by adding your company logo and unique colors

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Web Browser Based

Join the room with just a simple URL link on any web browser and any device

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File Sharing

Live drag and drop for quick file exchange

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Color Accurate

Real-time frame and color accurate picture with the VP9 codec

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Device Friendly Streaming

No special hardware or software needed

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User Management

Manage multiple admins and unlimited user in your group

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Live Video Conference and Chat

Collaborate live with video conference and text chat on any device

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Safety and Security

Secure end to end encryption along with secure generated URL links

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